Instructions for use FAKAT-online

On FAKAT-online you have to surface to find your partner.

Simple search = start page

Surface for simple search is the start page itself. Here you can seek by the coded products and/or activities. The second possibility: If you know the company name or a part of. These twoo possibilities functions undependent from each other and can not be combined with each other here on the start page. For combining more conditions use the extended search possibility.

Search by company name

FAKAT-online search on any letter group (a string) what you write into the text area for company name. Ifyou know exactly the name of the company and write the more of, the shorter list you get. With an only some letter string you get companies having this lettergroup in their name. This field searches among companies in their Hungarian and (if they have) foreign language names.

Look out, the Hungarian language hase some letters what may be or at least two sure your language does not use. Here written by characters: á é í ö ő ú ü ű.
Using your keyboard and your nationalized windows you are very likely not to be able to type these letters in the company name text field.
Does't matter, use instead of for search the letters: a e i o o u u u, they work. But in the hitlist hopefully you will see the normal Hungarian letters where they should stand.
(The pages are coded by iso-8859-2 Central European characterset.)

Search by products or services

Please click on the start page on the button of the asked article group and than in the next page you can choose a concrete item or a group of them.

The company pages open not in the selfwindow but in new window.


This surface was made for more complicated searches, where you can combine more conditions with each other.

You can even switch at some fields if items in a condition list in the field stand in "and" or in "or" logical link with each other.

The full product or service list (the coded list) you get by >>>> link. So you get a long list, where you can check all products and services what for in one serch procession you would like to search. You can decide if the trader or the producer or both of the product you seek. All items you check in the list will stand in "or" link in the search process. When you checked all needed items, please scroll down and at the bottom of the page click OK. The choosen products and/or services will be loaded in the Advanced Search condition list.

When you have given all conditions on Advanced Search page, on page bottom click the "Searching" button.

On Advanced Search page you have a positioned help for all fields, separeted field by field.


In FAKAT-online companies you can see by Max, Mid or Min datacontent, as shown at each companypage in the right up corner. By "FAKAT-System" menü you can get info on which fields' content you get in the three versions.

FAKAT-online is based on FAKAT-Komplex CD what is published four times a year on CD-ROM, having more than 9500 records and in all cases with Max datacontent. FAKAT-Komplex CD you can by at us at a price of 100 Euros.

If you have any comments or question do not hesitate to write us at:

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